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Thread whirling definition

Thread whirling head is a high speed cutting attachment, be mounted on the conventional or CNC lathe,by using the carbide forming tool equipped on the high speed rotary whirling ring. The whirling head rotates at a high speed around a slowing turning workpiece to process thread profile on the workpiece with high speed(up to 400m/min), high efficiency, adopting compressor air to remove chips and cooling.

Thread whirling machine can fulfill the dry cutting, heavy-duty cutting, difficult-machining material cutting, superspeed cutting, low power consumption,surface roughness is up to 0.8um. The main spindle rotate slowly, resulting in precision movement, great dynamic stability, is a progressive thread processing method.


Thread whirling type: 1.Internal whirling 2. External whirling


Thread whirling method: 1. Climb whirling 2. Up whirling

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